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Mobile Art Making Classes and Parties for Relaxed Creative Well-being

Welcome to GoDotty!

Discover a new way to express your emotions and explore your creative side with GoDotty! Our unique range of therapeutic art making workshops, mobile art classes and parties are designed to help you unleash your inner artist and enhance your emotional wellbeing. We provide everything from coordinated party invitations to personalised stationery design using premium paper and card. Join us today and discover the healing power of art. 

Kids GoDotty - child dotting with pain on a stone cast
Cheryl Marie Wright dotting


Our unique therapeutic art-making business for emotional wellbeing, was founded by Cheryl Marie Wright who has over 25 years of professional graphic design experience. With a passion for the art of dotting, also known as pointillism, Cheryl created GoDotty to bring art making to adults and children of all ages through local classes and parties.

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"Art washes away the dust from the soul of everyday life"

Pablo Picasso

Dotting Table


GoDotty offers a unique and fun mobile art class service for anyone who wants to explore our affordable therapeutic art techniques. Our founder, Cheryl, brings all the dotting tools, paints, and handmade casts to your desired location and provides step-by-step guidance for creating stunning dot paintings. With our classes, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of art while spending quality time with friends, colleagues or students in a relaxed learning environment of your choice. 

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Participant at a local workshop dotting

Want a kids party with a difference? Why not book a Mandala Dotting party with us! All materials are provided.

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Art Parties and Mobile Art Classes for Adults and Children
Child dotting at GoDotty workshop

WHAT IS GoDotty? 

Discover the healing power of art with GoDotty! Our art and design studio based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, is dedicated to providing mobile therapeutic art making services to adults and children of all ages. With Cheryl Marie Wright leading the way as founder and chief artmaker, GoDotty is committed to improving your emotional wellbeing.

We are dedicated to promoting the power of therapeutic art making as a way to relax, de-stress and express oneself. Our workshops, classes, and parties provide a fun and creative safe space with guided instruction by Cheryl to help participants reignite and/or explore their hidden talents. 


We offer a range of art making activities, from dotting to paper crafts, that can be tailored to the needs of the group or individual. We believe that everyone can benefit from creative activities and that everyone should have access to them. Our art making services are designed for everyone whether artistically gifted or not. We welcome everyone. 

Cheryl holding a rock

Our unique dot 'n' sip parties are a great way to have fun while exploring the wonderful world of Mandala dotting in the comfort of your own home. 

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GoDotty Dot n Sip parties
Painting Supplies

Our Creative Services

We offer a range of art making subjects, from dotting and painting to collage and journal making through expert guided tuition. No experience necessary.

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Botanical Sketch


With passion and flair, we offer a refreshing way to relax and re-energize your creative wellbeing using our unique dotting technique, otherwise known as Pointillism. On a range of surfaces you will use premium paints and dotting tools to create a beautiful work of art you can be truly proud of. Though guided instruction you will have the opportunity to learn the current tips and techniques of Mandala dotting to help explore your artistic side in a fun and inspiring way.

Dotting is an old Aboriginal craft known for it's positive health benefits. The repetitive notion of applying vibrant dots of paint on a variety of surfaces can help people with feelings of anxiety, stress and depression through creative expression and mindfulness. 

Participant dotting

Our innovative Afterschool Dotting Clubs offer children the opportunity to explore the healing power of art in a fun, creative atmosphere with guided tuition. 

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Schools GoDotty for dotting
Image by Katsia Jazwinska


With over 20 years of professional graphic design experience, Cheryl is excited to share her stunning collection of luxury invitations and hand-finished books, kids party invitations and occasional invites, perfect for any special event. 

Cheryl's designs are accompanied with unique dotting parties or any other art party we offer for a professional and all-inclusive art party experience you can trust. 


Cheryl's Stationery Collection

At GoDotty, we strive to create an inclusive and relevant experience for all regardless of our background, experience, or identity. We focus on building meaningful relationships between our participants and creating workshops that everyone can engage with. We prioritize inclusivity and relevance in all our services, ensuring that all our workshops and art subjects are accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to providing an environment that fosters connection and acceptance of neurodiversity. 

Feeling low? Need a new hobby? Book a relaxing mobile art class with us today!

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