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Therapeutic Art Making Workshops in Yorkshire

A dotted stone using acrylic paint


Discover the therapeutic power of art-making with GoDotty! Join us at Dodworth Library, Barnsley for our creative well-being art sessions, starting from Saturday 5th August. Recharge your mind and unleash your creativity with our unique dotting classes.

Participant dotting


Experience the healing power of art! GoDotty is a therapeutic art making experience designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and low mood.

Join us at Dodworth Library every first Saturday of the month from 10.15am to 12pm. Together we'll explore the joy of creating art in a supportive environment. All levels of experience welcomed!

Limited to 8 participants per session, with pricing at £15 per adult and £10 per child. 

Dodworth Library
Class Content

Let's GoDotty!

Learn how to Create a Dot Mandala Stone

Discover the creativity and self-expression of Therapeutic Art Making with GoDotty at Dodworth Library





Unlock your creative potential and experience the healing power of art with GoDotty! Our therapeutic art making classes offer a unique opportunity to explore creative wellbeing, help release stress, anxiety, and depression in an intimate gathering of just 8 participants, led by local artist and founder, Cheryl Marie Wright. Join us for a range of classes of differing subjects and materials, with easy to follow, step by step instruction - and make some new friends along the way. 

Welcome to GoDotty at Dodworth Library, Barnsley
Here you'll find a wonderful selection of creative well-being art making classes for everyone to enjoy. Our specialty is Aboriginal dotting, also referred to as pointillism, and children as young as 9 can join in. We look forward to seeing you on the first Saturday of every month in the newly renovated library. Our creative dotting table is situated in the actual library space itself where people can wander around and look on at our amazing works of art.






What will you do?
On Saturday 5th August, we will learn the art of dotting. This therapeutic art making class will introduce you to the calming practice of mandala dot design. With the friendly guidance of Cheryl, you will be supplied with a range of inexpensive dotting tools and premium acrylic paints to help you create your unique dotted stone. You will begin by exploring this mindful art form on paper, before moving onto creating a unique stone cast handmade by Cheryl in her studio. Using repetitive, meditative techniques, you will enjoy the craft of dotting which is known to help ease anxiety, depression and feelings of low mood. Finally, the cast can be used as a unique gift or ornament in your home or garden.


Absolutely NO artistic experience required 
GoDotty provides an easy and accessible way to explore the therapeutic benefits of art, without any prior artistic experience. Led by experienced artist Cheryl, our art sessions are designed to help you get into 'the flow' of artmaking, with no concern for the end result. With practice, you can learn to enjoy the creative process and reap the therapeutic benefits of mandala dot design and other art forms in this wonderful creative space. 

What should you bring?
At the session we will be using premium acrylic paints, so please wear an apron or an old top you don't mind getting paint on. Additionally, we recommend bringing a bottle of water to keep you hydrated while you create. All other materials will be provided.




Who can attend?
Our therapeutic art making sessions are suitable for a wide range of ages. Due to the therapeutic nature of these sessions, we request that children aged 9 and above attend with a paying adult. The sessions are also excellent for senior participants who would like to improve their motor skills, concentrate better and make new friends in a safe and friendly environment.

Get in Touch
At GoDotty, we provide an excellent service to help you easily connect with Cheryl prior to any session. Whether you need more information on a specific session or just want to ask a few questions, Cheryl is always available to answer any queries you may have. Simply email Cheryl directly at and she will be more than happy to help.

Let's GoDotty at Dodworth Library, Barnsley

Dodworth Library
A GoDotty table
A participant dotting with GoDotty
A child dotting with GoDotty
Handmade stone cast ready for dotting
A dotting table at Dodworth Library
Cheryl Marie Wright

About the Instructor

Cheryl Marie Wright, graphic designer, chief art maker and founder of GoDotty will show each participant how to dot using premium paints and a range of dotting tools to create a beautifully layered decorative art stone you can be truly proud of. 

The main purpose of a dotting workshop is to showcase this beautiful and inexpensive art form full of meditative benefits. You do not need to be artistically gifted to enjoy this craft. Using dotting rods of different sizes dipped in acrylic paint, we start from the centre and work outwards to create a pattern. We layer our dots. The end result is remarkable. 

We look forward to meeting you.

Feeling low? Need a new hobby? Book a relaxing mobile art class with us today!

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