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Therapeutic Art Making Workshops in Yorkshire


Cheryl at GoDotty offers a unique handcrafted plaster casting service that ensures high-quality stone casts with an artisanal touch. Our plaster casts are designed to capture the unique imperfections of natural stone while remaining smooth and ready for painting. 

With every order, you can be sure of a flawless cast that has been carefully checked for quality, accompanied by a free gift to show appreciation for your business. Like any handmade item, making casts can be tricky, but that's the beauty of quirky handmade stones and Cheryl ensures each and every cast is perfect and ready for painting. We delight in seeing your wonderful designs. 

Cheryl's dotted stone casts
Cheryl dotting


GoDotty was founded by Cheryl Marie Wright who has over 25 years of professional graphic design experience. With a passion for the art of dotting, also known as pointillism, Cheryl created GoDotty to bring art making to adults and children of all ages through local classes and parties.

Meet the Artist

Therapeutic Benefits of Art Making

Visit our GoDotty store to browse our unique range of handmade plaster casts that are super smooth and ready for painting.
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Cheryl's handmade extra large round casts
Dodworth Library


Cheryl makes each and every cast by hand using premium plaster and carefully selected moulds from around the world. In her little cast making studio, Cheryl chooses to mix small batches of plaster to ensure the end result is free of surface air bubbles and imperfections.


As with any handmade product, this does not always go to plan. The process can sometimes be messy and very labour intensive, but like our meditative dotting, Chery finds the process to be therapeutic and thoroughly enjoyable. 

Each and every cast is unique and made with love and care. 

Cheryl pouring plaster into a mold

Feeling low? Need a new hobby? Book a relaxing mobile art class with us today!

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