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One extra large heart shaped tea light art stone made from the finest, high density plaster for a smooth, soft, beautiful finish. Each and every stone (cast) is made by hand from a silicone mould with an average drying time of 3 to 5 days. When thoroughly dry, the casts are very carefully sanded (if necessary) and prepared for your very own artistic creations. The stones may have tiny imperfections and its very own unique characteristics, but we vigorously check each and every one to ensure your stone is ready to paint.


In essence, our casts are designed to provide a fantastic alternative to rocks found in the natural environment, as we find some rocks and pebbles are protected by law, especially on our British shores.


Our handcrafted stone casts are perfect for any decorative art, including the ever popular Mandala Dot Design. Our easy to follow step by step tutorials will be launching very soon. 



SIZE & WEIGHT OF STONE CASTS (length x width x height):

  • Extra Large Heart Shaped Tea Light Stone - Weighs 700g (120mm x 130mm x 65mm)


Please Note:

Tea light casts can be one of the hardest casts to make. Each and every stone may have a few imperfections and they have been priced with this in mind. In some instances, the stone may be sanded in places to create a perfect cast. We never quite know what we're going to get, but I can assure you I love to create cool designs on these stones. Once painted they look absolutely superb!


As a BIG thank you, you will receive a free gift!



What we do:

Here at GoDotty, we really do GoDotty for all things creative, and we genuinely hope you enjoy any specialist product you buy from us - we take nothing for granted. Cheryl creates each and every cast, dotted stone and personalised gift item by hand - we hope you love our craft items, it means so much to us.


Please do visit our socials and website for lots more information. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.

Extra Large Heart Shaped Tea Light Stone Cast

SKU: 5060878900258
  • If you are unhappy with your purchase, please do get in touch with us right away. If we cannot rectify the situation, a full refund will be given to the customer once the items have been returned to us in the same condition as they left GoDotty HQ. 

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