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Therapeutic Art Making Workshops in Yorkshire


GoDotty is proud to introduce you to the
wonderful world of dotting.


Dotting is an old aboriginal art form that uses lots of dots. When combined with Mandala, meaning circle, it can have many positive meditative health benefits. Studies have shown that dotting may help ease depression and anxiety by inducing a calming and meditative state.

Dotting is an excellent activity for neurodivergent individuals and is ideal for kids to seniors. The art of dotting is soothing, relaxing and also helps to improve fine motor skills. It’s a great way to relieve stress while also creating something beautiful, and you don’t need to have any artistic skills or experience to start dotting wonderful items and keepsakes.


All you need is a willingness to learn, and with our range of acrylic dotting tools and handmade plaster casts, you can start dotting on any surface you like - beach stones, wood, ceramics, glass - the possibilities are endless!

Dotted stone on a leaf


Let's get Arty Together

Our Mandala dotting parties and mobile art classes provide the perfect environment to learn and explore the art of dotting while providing a fun and creative way to celebrate any special occasion such as birthdays, baby showers and hen's nights. We cater for any event. All materials and tools are provided. 


Chery will guide you through the entire process, while helping you create a unique and beautiful piece of art. Our dotting parties are super popular and are best for intimate settings.


Using a range of dotting tools and techniques, you will use premium acrylic paints on a range of surfaces to create a wonderful piece of art you can be truly proud of. No experience necessary. 



Dotting Tools

At GoDotty, we believe that every dot enthusiast deserves precise and affordable dotting tools. Our basic dotting tools, which include durable acrylic rods and double-ended ball stylus pens of different sizes, are easy to use and easy to keep clean. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible tools and service.

To purchase your new dotting tools and starter set,
please click on the button below.


Acrylic Paints

At GoDotty, our passion is helping you create beautiful, dotted artwork that will last a very long time. We firmly believe that a good dotted item requires good quality, durable acrylic paint – that’s why we only use the best. Our choice of paints are ideal for both indoor and outdoor creations, so you can rest easy knowing that your artwork will truly stand the test of time. Join us for your next GoDotty class and learn more about our favourite paints and techniques.


Dotting Surfaces

GoDotty offers a unique alternative to the traditional Hen's party, with an activity that is both creative and relaxing. We provide all the materials you need for a fun and unique dotting party, where you can get together and create beautiful art.


Learn how to Dot

Our mission is to provide a relaxing and fun environment where you can learn all about the art of dotting. Our specialised classes are designed to teach you exciting new techniques and ensure you have all the materials and tools needed to create beautiful pieces of dot art. Our personalised classes can be booked for individuals, small groups or even parties. Let us introduce you to the relaxing and creative world of dotting.

Cheryl's stone


Welcome to GoDotty, your go-to destination for learning the art of dotting! I’m Cheryl, your expert guide to the world of dot art. Whether you’re looking to start your own dot-art project or are just curious to learn more about the technique, I’m here to help. My easy-to-follow tips and techniques are designed to help you master the art of dotting in no time. Join me for a class in the comfort of your own home or at one of my local workshops today!

Feeling low? Need a new hobby? Book a relaxing mobile art class with us today!

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