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Therapeutic Art Making Workshops in Yorkshire


GoDotty offers a unique way to relax and connect at the workplace, with therapeutic dotting workshops that give your employees a chance to express their creativity and de-stress for a few hours. Our services can help create an environment where colleagues can unwind, chat, and make wonderful art – all in a soothing and comforting atmosphere.

Cheryl dotting


Botanical Sketch


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Plant Wall Art

Paper Craft

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"Our corporate art workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to get colleagues together to enjoy the calming and therapeutic experience of dotting, away from the computer, phone and work pressures". 

Dotting Parties
Dotted stone



Our corporate creative well-being workshops are designed to provide a unique, creative and calming experience for your team. Our workshops focus on mindfulness, relaxation and creative expression, using the art of dotting to explore and express ideas and feelings. We provide all the necessary materials and tools, and can tailor the workshops to fit your team's needs.


Chery will guide you through the entire process, while helping you create a unique and beautiful piece of art. Our corporate dotting parties are super popular and are best for intimate settings.


Using a range of dotting tools and techniques, you will use premium acrylic paints on a range of surfaces to create a wonderful piece of art you can be truly proud of. No experience necessary. 

Cheryl's handmade stone casts
GoDotty's Dot n Sip Dotting Parties

Dot 'n' Sip Corporate Workshops

GoDotty offers a truly unique experience with our corporate Dot 'n' Sip workshops! We provide a relaxed atmosphere where colleagues can come together and be creative while enjoying their favourite beverages - the perfect alternative to after work drinks at the pub


Dot 'n' Dine Corporate Workshops

GoDotty offers a unique way to break up the day in the office. Our Dot 'n' Dine workshops provide a fun and creative experience that helps to foster collaboration and team building. With our workshops, you can learn the art of dotting and enjoy a delicious lunch or after work snacks. We guarantee that your colleagues will leave the workshop feeling energized and inspired, and with a piece of art they can be truly proud of. 

Cheryl dotting


At GoDotty, we believe that artmaking can be a powerful tool for healing, connection, and growth. Led by our Chief Artmaker, Cheryl Marie Wright, we specialize in providing dotting activities for corporate and teambuilding events. Cheryl is passionate about ensuring you have a successful and memorable event. Whether you’re looking to build morale, ease feeling of anxiety or stress in the workplace, or maybe it's a get together without the pub, our dotting activities has the tools and techniques you need to make it a success.

Feeling low? Need a new hobby? Book a relaxing mobile art class with us today!

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