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Therapeutic Art Making Workshops in Yorkshire

Dotted stone


How to Create a Dot Mandala Stone

Sunday 20th August, 11.30am to 1.30pm


The Painting Patch


£35 per adult
Cash on the Day

The Painting Patch is a unique venue situated in Tickhill, Doncaster. A GoDotty session is organised by Maria, the venue host. This lovely therapeutic space is for a maximum of 8

Let's GoDotty!

Learn how to Create a Dot Mandala Stone

Learn how to create a beautiful Mandala Stone using Aboriginal dotting techniques known for their therapeutic health benefits. You will receive a round plaster cast. Additional stone casts are available to buy in cash throughout the session.


Please wear something you don't mind getting paint on, just in case...

Children from 9 years old are very welcome to attend the workshop, however, they must be accompanied by a paying adult please. Everyone will dot and will receive help throughout the session. We have easy to follow instruction that you will really enjoy. 

Previous GoDotty workshop participants are welcome to attend any session at the workshop amount. You will receive the same stones and all art materials are available to use. You may start without instruction. 

About the Instructor

Cheryl Marie Wright, graphic designer, chief art maker and founder of GoDotty will show each participant how to dot using premium paints and a range of dotting tools to create a beautifully layered decorative art stone you can be truly proud of. 

The main purpose of a dotting workshop is to showcase this beautiful and inexpensive art form full of meditative benefits. You do not need to be artistically gifted to enjoy this craft. Using dotting rods of different sizes dipped in acrylic paint, we start from the centre and work outwards to create a pattern. We layer our dots. The end result is remarkable. 

How will you do it?

Before dotting on our small round stone, Cheryl will demonstrate a range of dotting techniques on a small piece of black card using white acrylic paint. Everyone will follow using the same tools and methods. When ready, we will start on our handmade stone cast or surface type depending on the class content. There is no rush - we relax, breathe and enjoy the process. Cheryl is with you every step of the way. 

What time and where?

The session will be held at a wonderful space called The Painting Patch. This is an intimate setting for a maximum of 6 participants per class. Cash is taken on the day of the event. Lovely refreshments will be available throughout the class, although please bring a bottle of water and any favourite snacks you would like to nibble on. We will enjoy a break with hot drinks and snacks. :-)

With classical music, relaxation and being completely engrossed in this beautiful artform, we will make new friends and enjoy our craft no matter what our creative abilities. 

Get in Touch

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

Thank you,


Class Content
A stone being painted ready for dotting



Our workshop will be held in a lovely small room at the Painting Patch. Maria is our venue manager. Enjoy an intimate setting for only six participants per session. Cash is taken on the day of the event. All bookings must be arranged by Maria. 

Workshop Dates and Sessions:

Learn how to Create a Dot Mandala

Friday 2nd June

Friday 23rd June

Th Hyde Out

Feeling low? Need a new hobby? Book a relaxing mobile art class with us today!

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